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The Cream

The finest lipids. Curated ceramides. Dimethicone. Niacinamide. Pramoxine Hydrochloride. The list goes on. Our Visionary has selected only the finest ingredients from all corners of the world to create his superior skincare cream excellence

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Our Visionary

Our Visionary had a vision. To develop a cream like the world had never seen. He set out to master his craft. By night, he dreamt of Ceramides, Dimethicone, Niacinamides– that sort of stuff. By day he filled notebooks with formulas and math.

He put things in beakers. Bottled lotion. Tubbed cream. An endless pursuit of perfection. Until one day… his life’s work was ready to share.

To our Visionary, we say thank you for this gift. To the skeptics – the non-believers – moisturize your mind with the facts. The truth is all here. Right in front of you. It has been all along.

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Ground Breaking Moisture Technology

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His Creation



The Cream

Michael Michael

"If human skin is paper,
let me be the poem."

-Michael Cera